This is a 90 day program that will give you your belter of a body! All joking aside this is a great programme to focus and get fast results. This is ideal if you need to get in shape quickly for a wedding, holiday or a sporting event.

We will assess you at the beginning of the program with full body measurements, waist to hip, BMI and 7 day diet recall to assess your nutrition. At the end of your 90 days we will take all measurements again to see your results.

The program will allow you unlimited access to all the classes at the studio and 1 private session per week to touch base and really assess how you are getting on with the program.

The best way to stay fit in your body and mind with maximum flexibility

Body Belter


  • Unlimited classes at the studio for 90 days
  • Once per week 1 to 1 session
  • Guaranteed evidence based results