Summer bodies are made in spring at Walk the Talk Studios


If you are looking to take control of your body and feel amazing about you, then look no further than the Callanetics body blitz.

Drop a dress size in 10 sessions with the Callanetics Body Blitz. The program will give you a new, sculpted, empowered and belter of a body in just 2 weeks!

Over a 2-week period you will attend 10 Callanetics classes. You will get measured and photographed before and after so you have both visual and measured inch loss results.


  • Drop a dress size in 2 weeks
  • Improved posture
  • Inch loss from the body
  • More toned physique
  • Overall strength improved
  • Overall flexibility improved
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improved digestion

Walk the Talk studios are offering you the Body blitz for £75

Summer bodies are made in Spring at Walk the Talk studios 🙂

Contact us through the website or Keira on 07415206975 with any questions or to book in!


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