Our goal is to create a beautiful space in the heart of Edinburgh called Walk The Talk Studios where people enjoy attending classes for their health and fitness routines. We provide a luxurious class environment with teachers who are deeply passionate about their chosen system of movement therefore our client’s get the most out of their fitness time with us.

We pride ourselves in being authentic and true to our path. We thrive on building strength and confidence within people through health and wellbeing, along with bringing humour and fun to fitness. Our business purpose allows us to help our community improve both their physical and mental health through classes, products and therapies.


The location of our studio is 1A Abercromby Place Edinburgh EH3 6JX which is on the corner of Abercromy place and Dublin street below "Dunpark". Our studio, in the heart of the Newtown, is a beautifully lit, sanctuary style space which also has a large treatment room for therapies.


To build a unique and thriving fitness, health and wellbeing studio that creates a creative movement culture and that offers an unique range of classes. We will bring some of the most outstanding international practitioners to share their chosen systems of movement in the forms of programmes, workshops, teacher training and seminars. We also want to provide a space where exercise and movement is used to improved quality of life for those who have experienced injury or illness. We will also hire out our beautiful space for events.

Sports Injuries

We have senior sports injuries practitioners who have a wealth of experience in the methods that rehabilitate the body and improve health and well-being and increase optimal functioning.