Walk the Talk Studios offers online classes which can benefit time challenged people. Save time and effort traveling to the studio, simply connect, turn your computer and follow our room link!

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Callanetics Body Blitz

Drop a dress size in 10 sessions with the Callanetics Body Blitz. The program will give you a new, sculpted, empowered and belter of a body in just 2 weeks!

Over a 2-week period you will attend 10 Callanetics classes. You will get measured and photographed before and after so you have both visual and measured inch loss results.

Mindfulness based Living Programme

The mindfulness programme uses the methods of meditation, mindfulness and awareness to encourage you to make the right daily choices regarding your health and wellbeing. Mindfulness has been described as the ability to live in the moment, fully, without judgment or preoccupation. Learning mindfulness is the first step toward understanding the relationship between our thoughts, feeling and actions.


Walk the Talk Studios is a unique studio that offers Callanetics, body Blitz programmes and services relating to health, fitness and wellbeing. The Edinburgh studio offers a unique space for classes, workshops, seminars and events. With an integrated approach to health, fitness and wellbeing the studio aims to provide a place where people can reach their full potential.


The space can take up to 15-20 people for a workshop. We have kitchen, bathroom and changing room facilities. The space enjoys a unique experience for movement, sports rehabilitation, massage, music and photography. Contact the studio directly for booking and availability.